Trinidad Carnival Details

Your Itinerary




When you arrive at Piarco (POS) airport, your driver will be waiting to take you to your quaint guesthouse in the heart of Port of Spain. Settle in and bask on your balcony as you take in a beautiful Caribbean sunset. As you explore your lively neighborhood on "di Ave", have your fill of Trini doubles and roti, and get ready for the adventures to come.



And so begins your entree to the fetes that lead up to the big show. It's not in Thailand, but you'll feel as though you are when wining and having a great time at Phuket, an all-inclusive experience like no other. Party into the night at the waterfront!

Day 3

Pre-Game to the Main Game.

Get Soca Brainwashed! This exclusive party, headlined by your favorite DJ, Private Ryan, is a must-attend fete during Trinidad Carnival. With a fantastic setting, delicious food, party games, great music and high-energy performances by some of soca's most famous musicians, this fete is BESS. Make sure you recuperate with a good night's rest. You're going to need it!

Day 4

Can We Test Your Stamina?

Heard the phrase, "fete now, rest later"? You must adopt this mentality to experience the breadth of Trinidad carnival. Get into party mode at daybreak with another all-inclusive affair you have never experienced before. As the rooster crows and the sun inches higher in the sky, eat, drink & dance with fellow carnivalists. But it doesn't end there! Hop on a quick flight to Tobago to experience the calm before the Carnival storm. Sunbathing at Pigeon Point Beach is the perfect way to rest up before Carnival Monday and Tuesday.

Day 5

Get Dutty.

There is no Carnival without J'ouvert. Set your alarms for 3AM because that's when revellers take to the streets. Release your inhibitions and coat yourself and others with paint, powder, mud and water. Later, go on the road to enjoy a calmer carnival experience to whet your appetite for the main show. 

Day 6


The day has arrived. Carnival Tuesday is the perfect moment to witness the beauty of masqueraders in all their colorful splendor. Whether you are donning a costume and crossing the stage with your band, or taking it in from the sidelines, you are sure to experience and absorb the unforgettable rhythms and display of the Trini spirit.




Say your last goodbyes as you head out to the airport to return home. But don't worry, we are sure you will come back!